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I'm a freak over learning and education! I love to take complex ideas, organize them,  put them in a simple understandable way, and then present them to others. Here you will find links to my most current ideas, and to some of my older ones that still have loads to give! Enjoy!


my 5 step system to Relax, Rewire, Release, Rebalance

My 5 Step System will....


- Teach you the secret to Relaxation and Ultimate Performance.

- Teach you the building blocks to a Safe, Predictable, Fun, High Performance Horse so you can live your dreams.

- Demystify the science behind Response vs Reaction.

- Show how all reactions/responses are negative/fear based or positive/confidence driven. Every stress has the opportunity to feed fear or build confidence.

- Teach a simple brain rewiring technique that changes the brain/body response to stress.

- Look at horses, humans and training from a different point of view, Science, to build ultimate partners and superior athletes.

- Show this works on every breed and for every discipline.

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For more details, videos and the most advanced complete information available, please check out Charlotte's Online Course, now available.  

Are you ready to skyrocket your understanding, techniques, performance and enjoyment to an entirely new level? 

Charlotte Cannon’s Deeper Understanding

What Makes the Horse the Way It Is

The 3 Big Factors and how Charlotte Cannon's 5 Part Program addresses and 'fixes' them.

Science Makes Interpreting Behavior Simple

What your horse's behavior can tell us,  and the science behind his behavior.  Learn about the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems and how they are the key to relaxation, joy and health.

Introverts/Extroverts, What and Why Do You Care?

Is your horse an introvert or an extrovert? How understanding this help you both understand and connect better!

Window of Tolerance and Attachments

 The mind and body are interconnected. Everything in the mind will manifest in the body, and everything in the body will manifest in the mind. By learning to ‘read’ the body, one can read the mind. Different postures signal different things, both positive and negative, happening in the mind. Every emotion has an embodiment. Every degree out of balance the horse is in body or mind, will bring it out of balance that same amount in the other, creating degrees of fear and anxiety.

Emotional Body Mapping

 Perfect balance is the goal for every living thing. Perfect balance insinuates that the body and mind can be relaxed, and the horse will remain balanced, upright and with athletic potential. 


We all know the sticky white stuff on the outside of a piece of chicken is the connective tissue called fascia. Until recently (like the past 5 years) not much was known about fascia. There were no big studies, no big focus. Now scientists and doctors have figured out fascia is so much more that the white stuff that fills in the space between the important stuff, like organs, bones, muscles, etc. The Fascial System might actually be the most important system in the body.

Equine Brain Gym

 After studying the 26 Brain Gym movements created by Drs Paul and Gail Dennison, I was able to apply these to the horse, and figured out how to read which part of the brain he was using, which part needed to be ‘lit up’ to perform the task I desired, and how to integrate his whole brain to get the best performance 

Muscle Chains

Dr Gerd Hershmann is one of the greatest thinkers and teachers of our time. He has written two books, "The Tug of War" and "The Balancing Act", that have enlightened horseman all over the world about equine anatomy. Gerd's concepts of the Upper and Lower Muscle Chains, and their releases, fascinate me. 

After studying these ideas, I also noticed a  relationship between these and the horse's brain, left side and right side. Plus I noticed the relationship between these and thoughts and emotions held physically within the body.

advanced techniques to deeper understanding

Overview of Techniques

See what's coming!

Playground of Safety

This may be the most powerful, yet underrated, exercise I've ever found and used!

Dancing Pete Rhodda creation.


Charlotte Cannon’s Equine Tapping is an effective way to relax your horse, rewire your horse’s response to stress, release physical and mental/emotional braces or blocks so that your horse can achieve maximum balance and maximum athletic ability.

Tapping Confidence Building Patterns

Fear -> Curiosity -> Dominance -> Confidence  -> Indifference

Track It -> Touch It -> Step On It -> Wear It

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Brain Gym Basics

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Poles for Proprioception

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Body Awareness Illustration

Muscle Chains

Ultimate Relaxation Posture

Tension Posture

Posture and Leadership

Power Patterns for Balance and Connection

HH Calm Connection Exercises

Dancing Pete Block Exercises