our new home at the end of the rainbow


New Beginnings

After 20 incredibly successful years the home and farm we never dreamed leaving, progress and development took over our tiny community, bringing in more services and people, but also more traffic, noise and mischief. In the fall of 2018, the final straw broke. A developer bought the land directly behind us and 2,000 homes were set to be built on our property line. I couldn't stay and listen to all the majestic trees that surrounded us be clear cut like one giant massacre. In a flash it was no longer the safe place I called home, we regrettably made the decision to find our next chapter.

We scoured the internet searching for that perfect spot on which to land and grow a new life. We were tired and ready for a change. When our old next door neighbors sent us the link, we just couldn't imagine this was in our budget, a real possibility for us. When we made our first visit, the moment we crested the hill, we knew we were home!

Welcome to our farm! We are so excited to own this amazing 30 acre place in Ellenboro, NC! We are just minutes away from the fabulous new Tryon International Equestrian Center and the historic "Tryon Horse Country"!

We are so grateful for this opportunity, and so thrilled to enter this amazing new chapter of our life!


Our home, perfect for us

We have a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath beautiful home, with loads of room for our fur babies, our guests and us! The bountiful roses greet you as you arrive, they are always bright, happy and welcoming. The sparkling pool and professionally landscaped paradise garden make you never want to leave!

We have  added two large dog kennels, and we have built large fenced yards so our dogs can play outside even when we are not able to supervise them. A new state of the art puppy nursery with indoor play area is next on our list!


A farm with enough space for everyone

After the house and pool made us swoon, the 30 acre horse facilities sold us on the property. 

We have a modern barn with 8 large center aisle stalls for the horses we have living here, 5 shed row stalls for clients coming in for lessons and short term training, a  hot and cold water washrack,  multiple large established grass pastures and paddocks, a large fenced sand ring, a outside jump field and little cross country course (includes a small bank and ditch) and wonderful wooded trails. New white fencing throughout the whole property keeps are horses safe, and our views pristine.

we have everything we need, including peace

More space for our dogs to run

More space for our dogs to run

More space for our dogs to run

My niece playing with our dogs in the ring last winter.

It was a priority of ours to have more space for our precious dogs to run and enjoy their time as our pets without the fear of cars and nefarious people.

At the old farm we had dog fences everywhere to keep the dogs out of the busy driveway and away from 'sticky fingers', but here they get full run of the farm when they are out 'working' with us. We are able to comfortably retire our older moms and dads to a life of leisure, whether they prefer to lie around the pool, run in the fields or chase rabbits in the woods.

Enough grass for our retirees

More space for our dogs to run

More space for our dogs to run


Our animals are our family, and when we announced we would be moving, and not having the enormous weekly lesson program anymore, it was like there was blood in the water. Everyone wanted our lesson horses. A few were loaned to us and went home to their families, but we had raised, trained and owned 12. 

Although we had many very generous offers, but we felt these sweet souls, most around 20yrs old, deserved better.  They have together worked hard and fed us all their lives, now we shall make sure they have the comfortable retirement they deserve remaining together in their familiar herd here with us.