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More Toy Sheltie Info

Adding a new family member, whether a puppy or an adult, is a huge decision. Although it is easy to be swept away by an adorable face or a heartbreaking story, consider wisely from whom you choose to select. Not all breeders/sellers are the same. 

before you buy, get the facts

Take your time, impulsive buying often doesn't go well....

Beware of accepting an inferior individual just because you are in a hurry, heartbroken or just feel impulsive. Excellent, reputable breeders rarely have available puppies the day you contact them. The best breeders have waiting lists, and I assure you, it is well worth the wait! 

I've bought off a cute face in a photo and been very disappointed when something was wrong. You will have your new baby 10+ years, it is worth getting the best one you can get! 


dna/genetic, health and temperament testing

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payment details

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