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For clients serious about getting a perfect puppy or adult from us, I recommend joining the Premium Waiting List. This is by far the best way to get your new baby from us!

Premium List Details

Please Note: After 7/30/18, all new Premium List Deposits are Non-Refundable.

In 2008 our free Regular Waiting List got too large to reasonably manage. There were over 150 clients on it, and when a litter was born there were obviously not enough puppies to satisfy the clients who were waiting. Litters were selling out in only a few hours, but that left the patient clients who were not as tech savvy (able to jump on the puppies the moment they were offered) with no puppy for numerous litters. We also had trouble telling which clients were serious about wanting a puppy from us and which clients just wanted a puppy. Although we have never produced more puppies than we have had clients ready to choose them, I did have a concern that if we bred more than one mom, we may end up with extra puppies and contribute to the issue of overpopulation.

I decided, after many clients offered to pay for puppies before they were born, that if we were to continue to keep a waiting list, it would require a small deposit, so that we could differentiate which clients were serious and which were not. The idea was a great success and it made it far more peaceful and fair for our clients.

The Premium Waiting List was born. For a Non-Refundable $250 deposit, each client gets a specific spot or number in line. Your spot and number correspond with the date you joined the Premium List, there is no way to pay extra to move ahead of other clients.

When you join the Premium List, we request a list of the things you desire in a puppy (like girl or boy, sable or tri, etc) and the things you require. Many of our clients desire a very specific puppy and do not wish to be offered puppies that do not conform exactly to their desire; other clients want to see every puppy that becomes available to them, we are delighted to accommodate and offer as many or as few puppies to you as you like. When you are thinking about your future perfect puppy, please note these details; breed (Sheltie, Poshie, Toonie), sex (boy or girl), registration (AKC or not AKC), color (sable, tri, blue merle, sable merle), markings (blaze, collar, stockings), size (under 10lbs, 10-15lbs, 15+lbs), energy level (low, med, high). The fewer restrictions you place on us, the more puppies you will have to consider; but we do not wish to flood your inbox with pics of puppies you obviously would not consider. I recommend making your list as general as possible, you are under no obligation to select any puppy, it is just more fun to get to see what we have available.

When you join the Premium Waiting List you will get an official 'number' in line. This number will give you and me an idea about how long you might be waiting for your perfect puppy. When puppies are born, we wait until they are stable and gaining weight nicely to start offering them to our Prem List clients. I start at #1 and each client has 5 days to choose or pass on each puppy before I open the puppy/puppies up to the next client. Once you have been offered a puppy, you may choose it at any time, just be aware that every 5 days I will be opening that puppy up to another possible client. Most clients know what they want and with my help (to know what colors and markings will look like at maturity), choose or pass on each puppy pretty quickly. We ask if you know you do not desire a particular puppy, please respond and pass ASAP so we can offer the puppy to our next clients. We do give each client 5 days before opening the puppy up bc often clients are away from their computers out of town and take a few days to get the message. I am always happy to let you know what 'number' we are 'on' in the selection process. I encourage clients to let me know if they really like a particular puppy so I can make a note. That way I will know most likely if I get to their number the puppy will be selected and can let the clients after them in line know that the puppy won't likely make it to them. We honor our clients and our list, this way it stays fair for all our clients.

It usually takes approximately 3-12 months to move up the list enough to select a puppy.

Once we have offered you a puppy that you love, we apply your Premium List deposit to that puppy and you need to pay the other portion of the deposit (for most puppies $250 more to complete your $500 deposit) to officially 'Hold' your puppy. This deposit may be made via Paypal or you may mail a personal check. The balance on the puppy is due on or before you pick your puppy up or have it shipped, you may use Paypal, a personal check (mailed with time to clear, 14 days) or cash at pick-up. If at any time you change your mind, you may request a refund or to switch to another puppy. There is no penalty for changing your mind or switching, we want you to be completely happy with your future family member.

Most puppies we will offer you are our personal Fox Point Farm puppies, but we also partner with several friends who have purchased girls from us. When you join the Premium List you can choose to consider ALL puppies available, or only the FPF puppies available. NOT all our partner breeders have agreed to honor our UNMATCHED  HEALTH and TEMPERAMENT GUARANTEE, please check with each breeder individually to understand their guarantee. We do only breed and offer puppies that are of uncompromising quality raised in the same home environment as our puppies. The breeder or owner of the puppies is clearly posted on our Available Puppies page. If you have a preference about your breeder or wish to talk to the partner breeder before choosing a puppy, we are delighted to give you all their contact information. They are available by appointment to meet with you at their homes to introduce you to their dogs too. We started this service to help our clients get a fabulous puppy faster.

We do offer three (3) Premium Waiting Lists for our clients; Sheltie only, Poshie (Toy Sheltie/Pom crosses) and Carolina Toonie (Toy Sheltie/Toy Aussie cross). You may join just one or all three with a single $250 deposit. You will get an official 'number' for each Prem List you join. The Toonie Prem List is usually the shortest, then the Poshie Prem List and nearly always we had the most clients waiting for Shelties. We do breed year-round, fall/winter being our best breeding season. We raise more Toy Sheltie litters than the other two breeds, but if you desire a Poshie or Toonie we can usually get you one pretty quickly.

The wait for your puppy will depend upon several factors; what you desire, how many girls have come into season and successfully get pregnant and whelp puppies, and how many clients are waiting and ready. Sable Sheltie girls with full white collars are our most requested puppy, the wait on them is usually the longest bc the most specific clients are waiting for them. We do our best to produce mostly sables, we do get blues and tris too, but our goal is mostly well marked sables. The majority of our puppies have excellent classic 'Lassie' markings, most puppies have white collars, white stockings and white blazes. If you desire a boy, you will get a puppy faster; if you are open to considering all colors, you will get a puppy faster; if you desire a tiny, sable, AKC girl with a full white collar, be ready to be patient.

7/30/15 Please note, if you join the Premium List and don't respond to any of my updates or offers within 12 months, even if it is just to say 'pass', I won't keep bombarding you with emails. When you are ready, you may email me and I will gladly honor your spot in line or give you a refund, whichever you prefer. I have gotten complaints about how long it takes for me to get down the list with the number of clients that are 'on hold'. You are welcome to stay 'on hold' as long as you like, I just need to get to the active clients more quickly. If you have any questions, feel free to email or text me to say you wish to continue to get all the updates.

I hope this helps explain in detail everything about the Premium Waiting Lists. If you are serious about getting a puppy from us, I highly recommend joining. It is by far the best (and often times only) way to get one of our puppies. If a puppy is not selected by a member of the Premium List, it will then be offered to the public. It is best to watch the website for any puppies that might slip through, few ever do. Also any adults we decide to offer are offered to the Premium List clients first. If you desire an adult, and we part with very few, joining the Premium List is the best way to a new baby or adult from us!


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