See all of our beautiful Toy Sheltie, Poshie and Toonie Girl

Meet our young girls

These gorgeous, tiny girls are the future of our breed and the best of our past! Hopefully they will be the first generation of AKC Shetland Sheepdogs recognized as 'Toy Shelties' or 'Shelties of UK Type'!

Selecting the best girls is key!

We are incredibly particular about our girls! Studies (and I agree) say the mother is 80% of the puppy! Daddy may influence size and color; but mom influences personality and temperament the most. The way mom treats them, the way mom treats other dogs, the way mom reacts to noises, the way mom reacts to people, whether they are family or strangers, children or adults, the way mom views the world is likely to be the way your puppy will view his or her world too. Confident, outgoing moms make confident outgoing puppies and happy clients! We breed confident, outgoing moms so your puppy is the best it can be!

We hold back some of the best puppies from our best moms for the future, but we are occasionally open to great new bloodlines also. We believe in keeping the gene pool large and deep for excellent health and hardiness. New bloodlines must be added to insure the health of our future generations. Choosing the best from the past and adding great new dogs from today gives us the most beautiful, healthiest, tiny shelties available!

These girls undergo rigorous health and temperament exams and testing. Every dog here is examined yearly and given their vaccinations by our vet. They are on Advantage Multi for heartworm and flea prevention. Everyone eats Purina Pro Plan dog food for great coats and great health! If a mom (or dad) produces a puppy with a genetic defect, we quickly investigate and remove her from our breeding program. Healthy, long-lived puppies are our #1 priority!

We only breed our girls when there are clients ready for puppies. These girls are our pets until requests are made. If you desire a gorgeous toy sheltie, let us know and we will get your perfect puppy 'cooking'!


Meet our toy sheltie girls

Foxpoint Betsy Cannon, AKC

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear by parentage. Bite correct.

There is nothing shy or reserving about this gorgeous, TINY girl! Betsy is the whole package, size, brains, beauty, athletic ability! Betsy has it all! Still only standing 10" and only 6.5lbs, Betsy is small in stature, but makes up for it in personality! She loves everyone, is sacred of nothing, and EVERYONE adores her! Her mom Bling and grandma Jamaica also have this bubbly, outgoing personality, and have always been our greeters! Betsy soared to the head of her puppy class when she went for training. Our agility trainer was in love and asked numerous times to buy her to be an agility competitor like her dad Elvis who has multiple AKC Agility and Rally titles. We are hoping she gets big enough to breed. She was one of the largest in her litter at birth, but has stayed super petite and tiny as most Elvis babies do.  


Foxpoint Treasure, AKC

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear by DNA. Bite correct..
Treasure is truly that, a complete treasure in every sense!
First she has the best of our lines, she is fourth generation here. Her mom Promise is a tiny Chrystie/Bullet daughter. Chrystie is a Cassie/Frosty daughter. Promise, Chrystie and Cassie are all listed about. They are arguably the best Toy Sheltie female line in history consistently producing puppies who are tiny, gorgeous,  super loving, athletic with tremendous coats. Frosty is our incredible foundation stud that was a doll! Bullet has always been a favorite of everyone, not only for his beauty, but more for his outgoing, confident personality! Treasure herself is a daughter of our outstanding AKC Agility boy Elvis, he is listed on our stud page and needs no introduction. Her breeding is impeccable and you could not find finer anywhere.
Treasure is absolutely stunning already! Most girls take years to grow the coat she already has. It's thick, huge and that bright, orange sable that only comes from Elvis! We are thrilled to have a bright orange girl to continue this spectacular color! She has perfect markings, the classic 2x4 shape, excellent tail set and topline, and a face that just melts every heart! I cannot imagine how beautiful she will be in a few more years.

Her personality is outstanding! She is one of our best greeters, and stays out front to meet and lick everyone! She is confident, outgoing, super smart and athletic! To say Treasure is the total package is an understatement! Her puppies will be absolutely incredible!


Bling Cannon, AKC

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear. Bite correct.
Bling greets all visitors with her kind face and her wagging tail! She is calm and super friendly, we expect her puppies to be too. She does perk up when it comes to herding the horses, she has a strong herding drive. I can see her producing some great herding or agility dogs that could go into big, scary arenas with tons of people and win! She is 12" and 10lbs, she is dark mahogany sable with a perfect blaze and full white collar. She has a long full tail that's always wagging and a sweet kind spirit. We cannot wait to see the sweeties she produces! Bling is a Jamaica/Soxy (Cassie/Hansel) daughter so we not only have her parents, but her grandparents too! Being a third generation FPF Toy Sheltie, we are thrilled with both her past and her future!

Bling is Betsy's mom.


Foxpoint Violet Fable, AKC

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear by DNA. Bite correct.

Violet is super sweet and incredibly TINY!!! Her mom Graci is the foundation mom on which Donna Waugh's modern breeding program is based. She comes from generations of tiny Toy Shelties that consistently produce tiny! She is barely 11' and 8lbs with a big, full coat, correct dentition and a face to melt the hardest heart! Everyone falls in love with Violet and begs to take her home! We are super excited to have her in our program continuing her mother's fabulous line and to produce the super tiny puppies everyone desires!


Foxpoint Angel Kiss, AKC

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear by DNA, Bite correct.

Kiss Kiss or Kissy is one of my personal favorites! She is quiet and sweet, a total couch potato! In an effort to keep bigger girls with tiny genetics and less white factor to avoid c sections and issues with too much white, I held Kiss back. She comes from one of the most prominent (arguably the most prominent female line) families in modern Toy Shelties! She has the tiny genes, but also a trait almost impossible to get in the tiny ones, naturally tipped ears. She has the largest coat I've ever seen on a young female. She is one of the shining stars of our future! great addition to their family.


Foxpoint Blueberry Pie, AKC

Tiny little Blueberry is a lovebug! She is the prettiest blue merle with perfect white markings and the sweetest personality! She is bold, confident and outgoing! She is super smart and super trainable, doing fantastic in her first month of sleepaway obedience and agility training! We are thrilled to see what the future holds for this special little girl!


Foxpoint Sunshine

Sunny is the most delightful, quiet, sweet girl! We rarely, if ever, hear her bark! I was dying to get her bc she is a Cassie/Frosty granddaughter and she has his beautiful face, color, eyes and personality! My friend Wendy bottle raised her mom Abigail when she was rejected, and unfortunately never registered her with the AKC. All of Sunny's family is AKC registered, but since mom never got papers, she was not eligible. We love her to pieces anyway, and her puppy buyers love the more affordable price. She is very much a couch potato type, and her puppies have been too. If you want a beautiful baby that just wants to cuddle, Sunny may be your mom!


Poshie moms - Poshies are a Toy Sheltie/Pom cross

Foxpoint Twinkle Bright Star

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear via DNA. Bite correct.
When Twinkle was born, I knew instantly she was spectacular! A daughter of our best Poshie producer ever, Onyx, and our stunning AKC Hansel, she was everything I had hoped for and more! Her tiny (10" and 6lbs) full sister Honey Bunny was gorgeous too, but was too tiny to successfully have puppies. When Twinkle happened to be a bit larger (12" and 12lbs), I was thrilled! We know she had the tiny genes of her family in a body (the largest girl they ever had) that could hold and freewhelp puppies! You can only imagine the tears streaming down my face when she delivered her first litter with ease, and they were as tiny and stunning as those her tiny mom delivers!

Twinkle is a total love-bug and LOVES everyone! She is a quick favorite of everyone that visits here, as she is the first on their lap giving them kisses! She has always been wickedly smart and showed excellent potential in agility when she went for her training. She has naturally tipped ears, the thickest, most luxurious coat ever and eyes that can melt the toughest critic. She looks full Toy Sheltie and produces 7/8 Toy Sheltie puppies that also look full Sheltie. The precious puppy-like expression will mesmerize both Poshie and Toy Sheltie clients. If you get a chance at a Twinkle baby, don't pass it by!


Foxpoint Whimsy Cannon

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear via DNA. Bite correct.
The moment I pulled the bag off magnificent Whimsy at delivery, I knew she would never leave, that face and her color made her an easy keeper! Whimsy is a tiny (11" and 7lbs) daughter of our legendary Poshie mom Onyx and our fabulous AKC boy Bullet. Although Onyx herself is a bi-black, Whimsy is the only tri (and the only non-sable) girl her mom has ever had. She got her dad's rich copper highlights, incredibly expressive face and brilliant mind! Whimsy just lives to please us! Whimsy is light and refined, with a silky, long, flowing coat that rarely sees a brush or needs a bath. She stays super black and shiny all through the heat of the summer out working with us on the farm, which is very unusual as most tris fade to dark brown rather quickly.
Despite her tiny size, she, like her mom, delivers easily and is a great loving mom. Her puppies have loads of flashy white and wonderful personalities! If you are looking for a loving devoted companion, get a Whimsy puppy! She produces 7/8 Toy Sheltie Poshies that look just like full Shelties. We hope bred to our tiny James Dean, we will get some ittsy bittsies in both mahogany sable and rich tri! Don't miss your little bit of Whimsy!


Toonie Moms - Toonies are a Toy Sheltie/Toy Aussie Cross

Foxpoint Diva Cannon

MDR1, VWD, GM, DM all clear/clear via DNA. Bite correct.
Diva is so special, she actually inspired an entire breed! Seriously when I was being visited by a breeder who was somewhat dissatisfied with the whole of purebred dog breeders, yet loved the ideal of the tiny, toy-sized  'Collie', she took one look at Diva and knew that there must be more just like her! Diva's size (12" and 12lbs), length, bone, quality of coat, correctness of structure and lovely temperament were everything I had hoped when my dear friend Wendy and I crossed her Toy Aussie Iris with my AKC Bullet. Diva popped out and I knew instantly that she was my pick and my vision for the cross for the future! 

From the day she came home with her striking 'powder puff', clear, blue merle and her jawdropping eyes, one of crystal blue and the other exquisitely mottled in deep brown and blue, everyone has fallen in love and whipped out their checkbook to buy her. I never thought twice, and she has proven she is more than a beautiful face, she is an amazing mother and has produced the best puppies! They have had rave reviews! Don't miss your perfect little Diva baby!


Foxpoint Fiddle Dee Dee

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear via parentage. Bite correct.
Fiddle is a stunning sable merle 1/2 Toy Sheltie !/2 Toy Aussie daughter of Soxy (Hansel/Cassie) AKC and Iris Toy Aussie. She has the most wonderful outgoing, bold, friendly personality and the most relaxed, floppy body! She is a fast favorite of all our visitors! The golden beauties she produces with Elvis are spectacular, the blue eyes will melt your heart!