The Toonie is the modern answer for a stunning, long hair, beautiful Sheltie-type, with the advantage of a low maintenance coat! They are the best  of both worlds!

Toonie Information

Over 10 years ago crossing the Toy Sheltie with the Toy Aussie was something I was dying to do! I knew the breeds would cross well, both being herding dogs of similar size and type. My original goal was to grab the super healthy blue merle gene from the Aussies to produce even more stunning blue merle puppies than we were getting in our AKC Shelties. I loved the health benefits we were having in our crosses and knew crossing this entirely different gene pool in would give us another big boost of the 'hybrid vigor'. The results have exceeded even my high expectations!

Today we do DNA health testing  on all of our dogs, we still only cross dogs from unrelated families and we do extensive temperament testing on every adult before breeding to insure, even though this may be a cross, you are getting the most healthy, happy, trainable puppy available.

Our program has been so successful, it was noticed by other breeders looking for beautiful, 'Collie-like' dogs in tiny packages with superior health and temperaments suitable to become exceptional companions. The Carolina Toonie breed was created as a vision for the companion dogs of the future, and our Poshies and Toy Sheltie/Toy Aussies were what they were after! Although experiments with a few other breeds were done at the beginning, the Toy Sheltie Toy Aussie crosses have been the preferred choice as the dog they desire to produce for the future. 

The Carolina Toonie, or Toonie, was named after the foundation breed from which the Sheltie was originally developed. They are exceptionally sweet, exceedingly hardy, beautiful little dogs with super easy-care coats that require little grooming to stay beautiful. They shed very little and have almost no matting undercoat. They are often called the 'Teflon dog' because they can be covered with water and mud on minute, shake off, and be clean the next minute. They are truly the modern answer to the owner who wants gorgeous hair, but doesn't want a huge grooming commitment!

Carolina Toonies are incredibly smart and excel in obedience and agility, as well as making excellent therapy dogs. Both the Toy Sheltie and the Toy Aussie are known for their trainability and desire to please, whether you want a high performance dog, or just an obedient companion that a novice can housebreak and train to walk on a leash, these dogs will make you look super smart!

Most of our Toonie puppies are mistaken for full Toy Shelties, the blues can look more Aussie (since blue merle is their signature color), but no matter what color you choose, they are arguably one of the best companion dogs you will find! At sizes from 8-20lbs and 11-14", there is a size and color that will suit your style!


Toonie girls

Foxpoint Diva Cannon

MDR1, VWD, GM, DM all clear/clear via DNA. Bite correct.
Diva is so special, she actually inspired an entire breed! Seriously when I was being visited by a breeder who was somewhat dissatisfied with the whole of purebred dog breeders, yet loved the ideal of the tiny, toy-sized  'Collie', she took one look at Diva and knew that there must be more just like her! Diva's size (12" and 12lbs), length, bone, quality of coat, correctness of structure and lovely temperament were everything I had hoped when my dear friend Wendy and I crossed her Toy Aussie Iris with my AKC Bullet. Diva popped out and I knew instantly that she was my pick and my vision for the cross for the future! 

From the day she came home with her striking 'powder puff', clear, blue merle and her jawdropping eyes, one of crystal blue and the other exquisitely mottled in deep brown and blue, everyone has fallen in love and whipped out their checkbook to buy her. I never thought twice, and she has proven she is more than a beautiful face, she is an amazing mother and has produced the best puppies! They have had rave reviews! Don't miss your perfect little Diva baby!


Foxpoint Fiddle Dee Dee

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear via parentage. Bite correct.
Fiddle is a stunning sable merle 1/2 Toy Sheltie !/2 Toy Aussie daughter of Soxy (Hansel/Cassie) AKC and Iris Toy Aussie. She has the most wonderful outgoing, bold, friendly personality and the most relaxed, floppy body! She is a fast favorite of all our visitors! The golden beauties she produces with Elvis are spectacular, the blue eyes will melt your heart!