Charlotte Cannon Relaxation & Confidence Building Clinics

  Need Relaxation? 

Want more Confidence?

Are you ready to skyrocket your understanding, skills, and performance to an entirely new level?

 Learn the key to switching off the fear/survival reaction, and to turn on the confidence/joy response!

It really works, it's science, and it's fun!

What do you do at a single day clinic?


Playground of Safety



We begin by meeting in a comfortable space to introduce all the new concepts without distractions. Everyone gets a full information packet so that they can sit back and soak in the ideas without fear of missing any details.


Playground of Safety



Once everyone understands the basics, we move out to the arena where Charlotte uses a participant's horse to demonstrate the simple, effective techniques, points out common mistakes, and answers questions.

Playground of Safety

Playground of Safety

Equine Tapping/Endotapping


All participants will bring their horses into the ring and learn a new technique that will often replace lunging with vastly better results. They will learn to recognize the subtle signs of relaxation and self-soothing, and how to set up your daily ride or  session for success.

Equine Tapping/Endotapping

Connect the Skills to Obstacles

Equine Tapping/Endotapping


All participants will learn how to condition their horse to have relaxation and connection response from Tapping with a stick. 

They learn to use stress as a trigger, or cue, for their horse to go to relaxation and endorphin release as a coping mechanism and reward, instead of going to adrenaline, fear and anxiety.

Connect the Skills to Obstacles

Connect the Skills to Obstacles

Connect the Skills to Obstacles


Once the horses have learned to use relaxation and endorphin release to cope with stress/fear, we create puzzles for the horses to solve with common scary objects. Charlotte teaches the best way to help a horse go from fear to confidence, and participants play with a variety of tools to reinforce this pattern.

End on a High Note

Connect the Skills to Obstacles

Connect the Skills to Obstacles


In the end  we find a challenging puzzle for each horse and participant  to solve using the 


technique. The horse starts to search for things it once found scary, perceiving that they are the dispenser of this wonderful feelings and  new confidence. 

Everyone leaves  feeling empowered and inspired to get out and play! 

"Charlotte makes learning fun and easy!"

She fully explains the concepts and techniques, before adding horses, so students really understand all the material before playing and practicing.

She helps each student, one on one as needed, so their horse and they can grasp and perform each technique.

Everything Charlotte presents can be broken down super simple, and can have varying levels of difficulty to adapt to each student and their horse.

All teaching is done in a positive, encouraging, enthusiastic manner. This is about becoming a great puzzle solver and developing confidence in yourself and your horse.

Horses of all ages and levels, as well as humans of all ages and levels, will benefit from these concepts and techniques. This spans across breed and discipline too.

Detailed handout for participants and auditors.

Numbers of participants are limited. Auditors are always encouraged.

Charlotte travels all over the country and has affordable rates that make hosting a clinic easy! She will help you promote from her huge base of followers,  and most clinics fill up super fast! An awesome event to bring to your area that works for all breeds and all disciplines!

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Hosting a Clinic

How Do I Bring Charlotte To My Area?

Hosting a clinic can be great fun! You get to bring the newest, most effective Relaxation and Confidence Building information to your area and to yourself! You get to learn and play with the participants of your choice. You will meet new friends that will bring new color to your life. And you can potentially get your clinic spot for free, and might even make some money for all your efforts.

Arena/Ring Needs: You will need a generous area for participants to work. A 100'x200' gives enough room for 10 horses to be comfortable. A ring with a fence is easier than no fence. A ring without grass is easier than a ring with grass. It's wonderful to have an indoor or covered ring in case there is bad weather. Of course, Charlotte will work with the space you have, we have had days in grass, outdoor rings that were smaller than recommended, and had happy participants.

Facility Needs: You will need a trailer parking plan. It helps to have some stalls/roundpen/paddock for horses to use while they wait, but not absolutely necessary. It is great if you have power for a speaker, but again not absolutely necessary.

Costs: $1500/day plus travel (fuel) and a place to stay. Charlotte wants to find the most economical way to get to you and to stay. She doesn't mind long drives, and this allows her to bring her tools, and potentially her living quarters trailer. A guest bedroom is a perfect place for her to stay (and will save you money vs enough fuel to bring LQ trailer).  Non-Refundable Deposit of $500 is due to book and hold a date for you. That deposit is deducted from the clinic price, and balance is due the date of the event.

Pricing : You are in charge of pricing. Most hosts charge $150-200/day/participant and $25-45/day/auditor. You may book as few as you like, up to 10 participants max. Most clinics will attract 10-20 auditors. 

Extras: I encourage you to provide some sort of lunch. You may choose to include, or charge for  it. Charlotte will help you attract interest, participants and auditors. She cannot guarantee she will alone fill your clinic, but most clinics fill early and easily. She encourages you to overbook by one or two, bc usually someone has an emergency and can't attend on the actual day. Charlotte will provide handouts for all participants, and will have additional handouts available for purchase to auditors. If Charlotte drives, she will bring all her own tools/props. 


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Love to help you find a clinic close to you, or better yet, host one yourself!