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Welcome to Fox Point Farm! Horses may be our business, but Toy Shelties are our passion and we love to share them with you! Our goal is excellence and we have the finest Mini and Toy Shelties and Toy Sheltie crosses available today! 

With our top priority being health, and our focus on outstanding, outgoing, trainable personalities, you can be confident in selecting a new baby from us!

 Our Health and Temperament is second to none, you may return any puppy or adult, at any time, for any reason, for a full refund of your purchase price. We believe in our program, and we are here to support you for the lifetime of your baby!

Why should I choose fox point farm and Charlotte Cannon?


Never-ending pursuit of Excellence

We put a tremendous amount of love, time, research and money into improving the quality, health, temperament, size and type of our AKC toy-size Shelties,  Toonies (Toy Sheltie/Toy Aussies crosses) and Poshies (Toy Sheltie/Pom crosses)!  We are constantly studying the newest advances and discoveries to progress our care and breeding program to be one of the best in the nation! Fox Point Farm/Charlotte Cannon does extensive, state of the art Genetic, Health and Temperament Testing on all our breeding dogs. We test for MDR1, VWD,  CEA and DM. We OFA hips.

I am here to help other breeders who need support, advice and honest leadership as well. If you have a question about our program, about our dogs or Toy Shelties, Toy Sheltie-Toy Aussies or Poshies in general, I'm always here to help!​

​Please read up on the health and size benefits of waiting until sexual maturity (12+ months) to spay and neuter, There are heart, bone, joint and ligament benefits, cancer prevention, plus the sex hormones signal the body to stop growing taller and prepare for reproduction. Early spay/neuter has been pushed for unwanted pregnancy prevention, but there has now been a flood of complications. Health benefits are first priority, but many times dogs will mature two or three times the size of their parents and littermates. Read more on the health benefits from UC Davis....

AKC Recognized and Inspected

Fox Point Farm/Charlotte Cannon had an AKC Kennel Inspection in July 2017. It went beautifully and the inspector said, "our dogs were so well socialized, they don't know they are dogs." Our records were impeccable and he was completely impressed by the condition of our dogs and facility. It was a totally positive experience, and we passed with 100% in compliance.

All our dogs are on heartworm and flea prevention, they are all properly vaccinated, and they have full run of the farm. They are on excellent quality food recommended by our vet (Purina Pro Plan), and they sleep in our bed or a crate inside each night.

You may call our long term vet for references, Faulkner Animal Hospital  803-286-8131.

You may also contact our current vet, Dr Pam Poteat, Forest City Animal Hospital  828-229-3250.

Safe Pickup, Meeting and Hand Shipping Options Available

We offer several different options to help you get your new baby home safely and with the least amount of stress. You may always come here, meet the parents (and often extended family) and us, see where your puppy was raised, and get complete answers to all of your questions.  We are always happy to meet you to shorten your drive. We have also added a BRAND NEW Shipping option, we fly with your puppy and meet you! Airlines have made massive cutbacks, and we do not feel the option of shipping puppies alone is a good one.  Read more about getting your new baby home...

Price Ranges and Availability

Prices range from $1250-2750 depending upon registration, sex, color and size. AKC Toy Shelties are usually $1750-2750; non-AKC puppies are usually $1250-1750. 

We offer a Premium Waiting List for clients serious about getting a puppy from us. We rarely have puppies available to everyone, but once you join the Premium List we are usually offering you puppies within 6 months, sometimes faster depending upon what you desire.  Read more about joining the Premium Waiting List...

We rarely have adults available, but when we do, they are offered to Premium List clients first.

If we have any puppies currently available to everyone, they will be listed below and clearly marked as available.

Beware of others using our name or photos

Contact me via email,, or text, 980-722-2828. I do not have another email or phone number from which to contact you.  

8/15/16 WARNING : There have been unethical individuals who have stolen my photos, text and information, to falsely represent them/it as their own, to sell puppies and get your money! I am shocked and disappointed at how easily this can occur and how little can be done to protect my dogs and me. Please be sure you are communicating with me personally, not a random person.  

I have been contacted in the past month by 2 individuals who thought they bought one of my puppies. One went to a pet store in NYC and bought a Sheltie, the other went to ranch/farm in South Dakota and bought a Poshie.  Both were told to contact me, Charlotte Cannon, for registration papers and my guarantee. These were not my dogs!  Contact me personally before purchasing one of My Dogs! 

I DO NOT EVER sell to pet shops or puppy mills! This is our ONLY and offical Website. 


Join the FPF Premium Waiting List

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

By joining the Premium List you will get an official number in line to choose your perfect puppy as puppies become available. It is by far the best way to get a puppy from us!

available puppies

Scroll down below puppies for all parent photos.

If I am not the breeder of a listed litter, the breeder's name will be clearly posted in the first description.

We appreciate our clients and friends! We are offering our 10% discount on your second puppy or adult from us, and 20% off of your third.

Available as of 1/6/20