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Finding better ways to communicate with horses has been a lifetime pursuit for Charlotte and Tommy. We are passionate about helping every horse and their human reach and exceed their personal goals. We are here to crack the case on relaxation, enhanced learning, deeper connection and max performance!

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Charlotte Cannon Relaxation Clinics overcome fear and anxiety in horses and humans.

Charlotte Cannon Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinics are the place to effectively rewire the brain, release the baggage, rebalance the mind and body for safety and real fun!



Join us for single or multi days, privately or with your friends, to learn all the secret science to achieving your greatest performance! 

Lessons available at our farm or yours!



Let's put all this great knowledge to the test by taking it to big competitions and events and see how to make the magic happen!

Horse Training


Do you need more ideas to solve your issues?

Does your horse need a little extra help finding its inner calm and focus?

Whether you want to maximize your horse's talent, or give him one last try, we can help you!

Freestyle Fun


Do you dream of doing amazing Liberty?

Do you want the freedom of riding Bridleless?

Are you looking to deepen your relationship with your best friend?

We have the answers and the keys to a whole new world with your horse!

Online Education


You have questions and we have answers!

Whether you are interested in 

Swirlology, Equine Tapping/Endotapping, 

Equine Brain Gym, Poles for Proprioception, Mirroring for Maximum Performance

We have articles, videos and full online courses to give you the knowledge to grow and win!