Extroverts vs Introverts

Is one better than the other? Does it really matter? I will show you the differences, explain why they are important, and give you strategies to connect.

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- emotions on the outside

- state of mind is easy to read

- more likely to overreact and fight/flight

- usually fast and has displaced behaviors

- busy mind and body


- emotions on the inside

- state of mind is difficult to read

- more likely to freeze

- usually slower and can have displaced behaviors

busy mind with stiff/rigid body 

Patterns of Learning

Fear -> Curiosity -> Dominance -> Confidence 

Extroverts - Overreact (fight or flight/SNS) -> Ignore (freeze/SNS) -> Relax (endorphins/PSNS) -> Learn -> Retain

Introverts – Ignore (freeze/SNS) -> Overreact (fight or flight/SNS) -> Relax (endorphins/PSNS) -> Learn -> Retain

Rigid muscles/body/neck -> Adrenaline/SNS

Relaxed muscles/body/neck -> Endorphins/PSNS

Neck Flexions block adrenaline, release endorphins and stimulate Vagus Nerve and PSNS.

Genetic Personality

The horse may be genetically hard wired for a specific personality. That personality is often easily seen with several basic postural clues.

Leader Horses – higher head, well developed topline, cresty neck 

Follower/Mirror Horses – lower/level head, underdeveloped topline, thin or u-shaped neck