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Mini and Toy Shelties

and Poshies (pom x sheltie)

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At Fox Point Farm horses are our buisness, but our passion is toy-size Shelties, the original Sheltie of UK type!

 We started years ago with one awesome female, Bella, who was so perfect and wonderful that we added more!  We went back to Bella's breeder and purchased her sister, Julie, and a darling male, Frosty, to be her possible 'husband'. Julie, at that time, wasn't interested in having puppies, so when we got the opportunity to purchase Cassie, a proven breeder, we jumped at it and produce a litter a year from her. Our next addition was the teensy Maggie, another proven female, whose size and charm mesmerizes everyone who meets her! From these humble beginnings, we have developed a toy-size Sheltie breeding program with quality and ethical standards unmatched in the breed. Our health and temperament guarantee is unheard of - Your dog's health and temperament are guaranteed, period!


Wherever we are we always have our sweet babies with us!

Our Toy Shelties are first and foremost our family members and pets. Toy Shelties are fabulous family, farm and house dogs and everyone always goes wild over how perfect and easy our 'travel size' dogs are. Only because they are so tiny, are we able to have so many and take many of them with us everywhere we go. Whether you prefer our Mini Shelties or our tiny Toy Shelties, you will adore your new companion as much as we do!

Although Toy Shelties or Shelties of UK type are not officially recognized by the AKC as a separate breed yet (all our dogs are registered as regular AKC Shetland Sheepdogs), we have chosen a this petite version of the sheltie to fit into our busy lifestyle of horses, kids and shows. Our dogs fit easily into your jacket to cuddle or bag to sneak into a hotel. The toy shelties we raise are, in fact, the original size shelties were when they were developed in the Shetland Isles. We have partnered with several toy sheltie breeders with the same ethical standards we have, to work toward getting the Toy Shetland Sheepdog recognized by the AKC. Much time and hard work has and will go into this endeavor, but we feel there is a true desire (maybe even need) for this wonderful breed in this smaller (under 13", most 10-12") package. We encourage you, if you agree, to join The Toy Sheltie Club of America. We need your support!


Precious (Cassie/Frosty daughter and full sister to Crystie Zippo and many more), owed by Ann Conway

We choose our breeding dogs first for health and temperament, then size, beauty and correctness. We next drag them around to every show, school, etc to see if they are the 'type' of dog we want to reproduce. If they prove worthy, we breed them and their puppies are raised inside with our other dogs, cats, horses, children and one husband to insure outgoing and brave individuals. If they are shy, we have them fixed and either keep as our pets, or place in appropriate homes. Toy-size breeds are bred primarily for companionship and MUST have temperament and personality as a top priority, second only to excellent health. It is important to us that you completely enjoy your toy sheltie puppy and your toy sheltie puppy enjoys you too!

Three young toy sheltie girls play in the bushes. Coco, Chrystie and Faith were all under a year old here.

Our Toy Shelties and Poshies

I am the current President of the Toy Sheltie Club of America. I strive to produce shelties 10" to 12" tall, 8 to 14 lbs as adults. Our shelties are structurally correct in a smaller size, the original UK Sheltie type. We do love a more refined pretty face than the larger show shelties of today. We also have chosen our toy shelties with flash and color. Most of our pups are the popular shaded/tri-factored sable with white collars, legs and blazes, but we do have well marked tris, blue and sable merles and pure-for-sable puppies too. I am currently working with several other excellent Toy Sheltie breeders to get the Toy Sheltie recognized by the AKC. If you are interested in lending your support, let me know! We need more members and we need to develop a Stud Book of Toy Shelties meeting the Toy Sheltie Standard. We would love to include your tiny sheltie in this groundbreaking venture!  

We have a Poshie (pomeranian x sheltie) female to our family to offer even tinier size with amazing huge coat and temperament! Her 3/4 Sheltie puppies should be 8-10" and 5-10 lbs. Our thought was there are many people who would love a tiny, big-coated, sheltie look-a-like but don't need the AKC registration (or cost).  If you are looking for a super outgoing, friendly (not yappy), stuffed toy who is super athletic, fun and affordable - she might be the mom of your next family member!

Check out our Dog Photos all the FPF dog family (including clients' dogs)!  Check out our Sheltie Girls, Sheltie Boys and Poshies to see our gorgeous Toy Shelties and Poshies! Check out photos of Puppies from Previous Litters.


Toy Shelties and Poshies For Sale  

We do not buy/sell from/to puppy mills. Do not ask! Our puppies are raised to be amazing members of the family. Indoor homes only! We love our dogs, please return puppies at any time no questions asked - they always have a home here. ani069.gif

Our next litters will most likely be born the winter of 2015. We could have up to 4 litters of all colors. Tiny shelties are very difficult to raise and when successfully done, still have very small litters. We love our dogs and will do our best to safely produce you a lovely healthy puppy in a timely manner.

Our AKC Shelties are usually priced: Males $750-$1,500, Females $1500-$2,000. CKC (and unregistered) Shelties are usually priced: Males $750-950, Females $850-$1,200. Poshie puppies: Males $650-$850, Females $850-$1,200.  Price varies with size and markings.

Email today to get on our Waiting List at ! Please be patient because we are fortunate to many people interested in tiny shelties. We will fill your request as quickly as we can. Please remember they have small litters and we only have a few girls. But I promise the puppy you get from me will be raised with great care and love! Our vet is involved from the beginning through the day you pick up your puppy.  

Melody/Bullet puppies at 6 weeks.



Award for






Awarded to top quality dog and puppies for sale sites.

Health/Temperament Guarantee -  I am serious about excellent health and great temperaments. If your puppy, within the first 3 years develops a genetic or congenital disease or disorder, you may receive a whole or partial refund of your total purchase price. If the puppy/dog and its AKC papers are returned, you may have a full refund and I will assume ownership and future expenses. If you do not desire to return your puppy/dog, with a written explanation from your vet and the return of your AKC papers, I will refund 50% of your purchase price.  Shipping costs are not refundable and are the responsibility of the puppy/dog owner when returning.

If you can no longer keep your puppy/dog at any age, we will pay shipping and always take them back (no refund). We NEVER want any puppy/dog we have raised to be homeless or forced into a rescue situation. We will take any puppy/dog we have bred/raised back (with or without their AKC papers) with no critical questions.  The health and safety of our animals is our utmost priority. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help!

We have 2 options for those wishing to be on our Waiting List:

Our first option is the Regular Waiting List. This may be the better option for most people because it offers the most flexibility to you, the buyer. I will add your name, at NO cost or fee to my Regular Waiting List. Once puppies are safely whelped and checked by my vet, I will start offering puppies to each member of the Premium List. Each member gets up to 5 days to choose or pass on a puppy before it is offered to the next person in line. Once everyone on the Premium List has had an opportunity to choose or pass, I will send out emails to everyone on this list with photos of the available puppy/puppies. Puppies are held with deposits, first deposit on a puppy will hold that puppy. This is the Waiting List we have offered for years. We have many people on this Waiting List. We created the Prem List bc many people on this list missed out on entire litters bc they didn't act quickly enough.  

Our new second option is the Premium Waiting List. This is the option for serious buyers looking for a guaranteed spot. For a totally Refundable (for any reason) Deposit of $250 you will have a guaranteed spot ahead of the Regular Waiting List. Your spot will be in the order in which your deposit was received. For example, if you desire a blue-merle male, if it is your turn you will be contacted to accept or pass for the next blue merle male puppy we have when puppies are born. At that time you may choose to put down the balance of a deposit (most sheltie deposits are $500 total - so you would owe $250) or pass and wait for the next puppy. You will also freeze your price to our prices at the time you made your deposit (if prices have gone up). I can tell you at any time where you stand on this list. I will send out announcements to each Prem List Member and you will have 5 days to respond before I move on and offer to the next person. If you seriously want a puppy soon, I strongly recommend getting on the Premium Waiting List. Our last several litters were all sold to clients on that list.

If you have put down a deposit on a puppy and that puppy has a problem (physical/mental) and cannot be delivered to you (or you take it to your vet and he/she finds a problem), you may have a Full Refund of your deposit and any other money paid or you may apply that to a future puppy.

Available Puppies 


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