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 Poshies ( Pomeranian X Sheltie)
All Poshies now qualify for AKC Canine Partners and Carolina Toonie Registration

"Gracie" - First generation, 1/2 Toy Sheltie 1/2 Pomeranian

"Mica" (Onyx/Hansel)- Second generation 3/4 Toy Sheltie 1/4 Pomeranian

  "Mello" (Onyx/Hansel) 3/4 Toy Sheltie 1/4 Pom

  "Wiley" (Onyx/Hansel) Second generation 3/4 Toy Sheltie 1/4 Pom

"Honey Bunny" (Onyx/Hansel)

Birthday Boy "Toby" (Onyx/Hansel)

At Fox Point Farm we stumbled across one of our greatest finds searching for Toy Shelties one night. I found a Poshie for sale in Louisiana! Read Freeing Gracie to get the whole crazy story! A darling girl had a toy sheltie female and had crossed her with her mom's tiny pomeranian and the result was cuter than anyone could have imagined! Since we got our Poshie, Gracie, I have received letters from Poshie owners all over the country curious about others who have this neat cross. I decided to add a page here to showcase the Poshie and give people a spot to post their pictures and stories. If you have a Poshie, please send me pics and anything you would like to share and I will include you here.

The Poshie is a 'new designer breed' that crosses the Pomeranian with the Shetland Sheepdog. The 'first generation' cross will be 50% pom 50% sheltie, but 'second' and 'third generation' crosses could have 75% or more of either breed. The characteristics are those of the two breeds but tempered by one another. These are athletic, friendly dogs who never meet a stranger. They are outgoing and playful. The shyness of the sheltie is made brave by the pom, the pushiness and yappiness of the pom is tempered by the sheltie. It creates this beautiful friendly companion! They do not have the herding obsession many shelties do, but are super smart and want to learn everything you can teach them. The 'hybrid vigor' that crossing two completely unrelated breeds decreases the possibility of recessive health problems that now occur in both breeds from 'line-breeding'  (in-breeding).  I have a darling 4 lb Papillon male with very long silky hair. I have crossed him with my Poshie female and produced the most darling TINY (2lbs at 12 weeks) puppies! I think using tiny Papillons with great long silky coats, will further improve the breed by decreasing the need for grooming (the pom gene gives a very dense undercoat that needs much grooming), an occasional brushing is great but you won't be obligated to  brush daily.  

Size and color vary. The size of the Poshie is completely dependant upon the size and genes of the parents.  Our Poshie is TINY but so were both of her parents. An average size sheltie will produce a much larger Poshie, so knowing the parents is very important to predict mature size. Color is also dependant upon the gene pool of the parents. Most Poshies are solid colored red/sable or black, the most popular I have found are the 'sheltie-colored' Poshies, either sable with white or tri colored. All colors can occur and are darling! I'd love to see a merle Poshie!

Big coats are a huge draw to the breed! Shelties can have sparser coats when they are young, not reaching full coat until around 3 years of age. Female shelties that are unspade can keep this sparse coat until they are fixed. By adding the pomeranian, you get a huge coat nearly from birth! The puppies don't go through that gangly 'hairless' stage. But the sheltie gives the cross a smoother silkier coats less prone to mats and in need of less brushing to keep full and beautiful.

Any way you look at it, the cross is a good one with lots of fans! Let's get together and get the word out there! When you are looking for a Poshie, request to see the parents, to get an idea of mature size. Expect to pay more for ones colored like shelties; and as both shelties and poms, expect to pay more for smaller ones. Sizes can go from 5-40 lbs, so do your homework to find the perfect fit for your family! Our tiny Poshies start at $750.

Now presenting the Poshies:

Gracie Cannon, our first Poshie


Gracie is a precious Poshie (pomeranian sheltie mix) tri female. Although not an AKC recognized breed, her personality burst out of her and we had to give this new 'designer dog' a try! The youngest of our family, Gracie is bouncy and exuberant in everything she does! Blessed with a HUGE gorgeous coat, we are excited about the big coats she can add to our program! We are totally in love with her tiny face and cannot wait to see her fully mature in all her glory! Gracie promises to be even tinier than Maggie; she is only 7" and 5 lbs, so we are looking forward to more teeny tiny poshies for you! Gracie's mom was a tiny (10" and 10 lb) sable sheltie that looked like a tiny Bella; her dad was a smokey black tiny (4 lbs) pomeranian. Bred to Hanzel, puppies will be 3/4 sheltie 1/4 pom and should be tiny bundles of sheltie-looking fun!  Gracie was stolen from our farm and was killed. We are devastated! We went back to her breeder to get her sister to be able to continue raising lovely Poshies. 

Sister of Gracie's, Onyx, we will be breeding and loving her to continue our line of friendly, outgoing, adorable Poshies!

Onyx is a gorgeous black and white Poshie female. She weighs 6 lbs and is about 10" tall. She is the most precious tiny soul! We purchased her from Gracie's breeder. We wanted 'another Gracie'. Onyx is a perfect, wonderful girl, all herself! She lives in nobody's shadow! She is super friendly, incredibly loving and attached to Tommy and me, and incredibly athletic! She can easily jump on and off a 5' deck with ease! She comes easily, learns quickly and is an absolute joy! Her puppies are amazing! We are thrilled to have her and have the opportunity to continue this great line!

the next generation..... Whimsy and Twinkle

  Whimsy is the culmination of what we have strived to develop with the Poshie cross, a perfect, tiny, sheltie-look-a-like, with huge coat, refined face and super confident, outgoing personality! She is IT! She is 10" and 6-7lbs. She is a daughter of Onyx (1/2 Sheltie 1/2 Pom) and Bullet (AKC toy-size Sheltie). Her puppies are fabulous and 7/8 Toy Sheltie! What an amazing cross these Poshies are! The best of both worlds in a tiny, healthy, long-lived package! Isn't Whimsy exceptional! We are still raising full siblings to her, she is from Onyx's second litter.

Be still my heart..... meet Twinkle

One look at this little girl Twinkle, and it was love at first sight! With perfect classic sheltie markings of a big thick full white collar, blaze face, four white socks, rich copper and a white tipped tail, Twinkle will stop your heart too! She is an Onyx/Hansel daughter and her puppies will also be 7/8 Toy Sheltie! At 12" and 10lbs, she is the perfect choice for the Toy Sheltie or Poshie lover that wants it all! Her puppies will have off-the-charts coat, the sheltie look, markings and a unbeatable personality! If you desire the ultimate Poshie, Twinkle is your mom!!!!!

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Here are some of the Poshies we have raised and some other Poshies across the country! Send us your Poshie pics and I will post them here too!

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